It’s a Funny Kind of Freedom

420 is not a celebration of #20 or of Amendment #64. It is a celebration of all us people who smoke pot, get high and feel good about it. All us hippies were correct 50 years ago when we said to straight world, “Legalize Freedom.”

This years so-called 420 event was not at all what it used to be. Getting frisked, sitting inside a fenced area, cops giving you the evil eye, not smoking pot. Humph. There were several arrests made over the 420 weekend and there were over 100 citations issued for smoking. The authorities have now told us that they had close to 300 cameras trained on Civic Center Park. Freedom? Please don’t insult me. Now we find out that there were at least 4 drones flying above Civic Center Park during the four-twenty weekend. They were taking pictures of you and all of the celebrants. Why?

This is some funny kind of freedom, where people still use alcohol and tobacco in the public parks and sidewalks, but we cannot use our pot as a medicine or to just get high in public. Yes, Amendment #64 was a big step forward, but now we must press on for total equality.

We will gain public acceptance thru responsible pot use. Grow your own pot. This ain’t your daddy’s homegrown pot. Learn how to grow and how to use effectively the pot you have grown. Teach your neighbors and friends how to grow marijuana. This is a beautiful plant with several wonderful legitimate uses.

And please, folks, get registered to vote and next November, do so. It is your right and your duty. Quiz the candidates until you know for sure what he or she thinks about marijuana use. Make sure that you vote for pro-marijuana candidates. If we in Colorado continue to vote for pro-pot mayors, city council people, etc., we will lead the nation in this worthy endever.

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