My Cannabis Initiative

My Cannabis Initiative:

  1. Allows for personal-recreational use, possesion and outdoor and indoor cultivation of up to 12 plants per adult on that property.
  2. No tax, no license, no permit, no fees required for non-commercial outdoor or indoor cultivation.
  3. Fully allow and support our Colorado farmers ability to grow hemp and to develop commercial industrial processes that use hemp.

I got some questions for you: If pot is so gall darn legal here in Colorado, how come we cannot smoke it anyplace? Folks are drinking alcohol at sports events and in the parks and Denver Convention Center, etc. Why is the Denver City Council so afraid of pot? Why are they over- regulating our industry?  Why did Colorado Health and Environment vote against American Vets who have PTSD??  Why are we, who use marijuana, being funneled into buying our medicine from a corporate dispensary at highly taxed prices??? Isn’t this system just a new cartel??

Our state ought to take the lead on marijuana and hemp studies. Hemp needs to be taken seriously on an industrial scale. Our state ought to allow its citizens to grow some Home- Stash pot in the open sunlight in our own backyards.

D.J. Reetz who writes for THC magazine is correct. Colorado needs to embrace and promote the many various uses of cannabis and exploit them.

We, as Colorado citizens, need to VOTE for political candidates who support real marijuana legalization.


End of Season

After many difficult months early in this growing season, these past 6 or 7 weeks have been perfect for growing flower buds. I hope you are only watering your girls with plain old water…no fertilizer. As you inspect your plants, look for flower buds that are colorful, that is, the pistils have all (or mostly) died and turned brown, orange, purple or whatever. These clumps of female sex organs are indicating that that flower bud is ready to be clipped off of that twig.

I’ll inspect all the twigs and branches for the over-all condition of the plants’ buds.  I’ve written about this in past articles as well as in my book, “Growing Marijuana Outdoors in Colorado”. You the farmer get to make this decision as to when to harvest each clump of flower buds. If you see any powdery mildew (P.M.) on your girls, cut it off and throw it all away.  Look carefully.  This year I’ve shit-canned two whole plants because of P.M. It was a difficult discussion with that grower, but you must not process any buds with P.M. on it. Also bad for your lungs is bud rot.  If  you see an area of brown (dead leaf or flower) in your buds, it’s probably bud rot. Cut it out and throw it away, not in the compost pile. Also, if your plants have aphids or spider mites,  you must recognize it right away. If you end up smoking insect poop it will make you very very sick.

Every day over these past 5 months, you should have been looking for insect infestations. If lady bugs cannot keep up with the eradication of these small bugs, then you’ll have to mix up a batch of sudsy water with chili pepper or with garlic or with ground-up pine bark. You’ll spray it onto the leaves and stems where the insects are. The soap suds will because the insects to shit their brains out and die. Then you’ll still have to take those leaves off from the plant. Keep your plants well maintained and clean. You do not want any one to smoke pot that has bug poop on it. Keep the dead (brown) and dieing (yellow) leaves cut off.

Often, it is the weather that determines when the plants get harvested.  We usually will have had a couple frosts by now, here on the Front Range of Colorado. But this year, 2015, has been a sunny delight. We have nothing but sunny and dry weather forecast for the next week and a half.

Most of the early-girl varieties should have been coming down (harvested) last week and this week. Your sativa dominant types will probably take another 10+ days to fully ripen up.

For us small-time Home Stash growers, drying the trimmed buds in a brown paper grocery bag will work just fine. Just one layer of buds in each bag because we don’t want the buds to ferment or rot or compost. We want the buds to dry in the dark. After 5 or 6 days in  lunch bags, I’ll consolidate them into large grocery bags…4 or 5 or 6 lunch bags of buds into one grocery size paper bag. Then after 3 or 4 more days, if those buds are good and dry, I’ll put them into glass jars. For awhile, I’ll check the contents of each glass jar every day for moisture. The sticks and twigs hold moisture. If these go moldy, it’ll ruin all the pot in that jar. Get them dry; then they’ll cure up and taste good. Curing is a process of driving off the green taste.

Especially in years of good, sunny weather, I’ll only clip off those buds that are ready, leaving the inside or hidden buds to get direct Colorado sunlight. In another 4 or 5 days these buds will maybe be ready to harvest, too. When there is no hail, frosts or hard winds, we don’t have to take entire plants down. I can only trim and bag just so many buds in an evening anyway, so I might as well let the plants keep growing,  keep making THC sugars for the rest of the less mature buds.

This is the end of this growing season; it should be a happy time. We still must “get the hay into the barn” so to speak, and finish this process. Baseball on the radio. Broncos on TV, pot clippings on the table and in the jars. Life is good.

Enjoy yourself

The nights are getting cooler and longer. Your plants know this. Enjoy the changing seasons.

15 or 20 days before you reckon on pulling a harvest, you must “flush your plants”. Guess work? Premonition? Yeh. The last 2 or 3 or 4 weeks of your plants lives should be fertilizer free. Sugar will be alright but, really not all that necessary.

I like to start off the season with a very neutral soil in the containers. Yes, I mix my own compost with store bought, mid-priced bags of garden soil. I don’t want some fertilizer company putting minerals into this soil nor do I want some company tweaking the N.P.K.  ratio  .I don’t want to pay for those chemicals nor do I want to have some N.P.K. chemical premix interfering with my own fertilizer schedule. Pot plants have grown just fine for thousands of years, without people “helping out” and in all kinds of soil, usually “bad or poor” soil.

During the 1st 4 or 5 months of plants lives, I want the plants to get a nitrogen heavy N.P.K ratio fertilizer, the next 5 to 7 weeks they should get a phosphorus heavy N.P.K. ratio fertilizer, the very last 14 to 30 days, all they need is pure water maybe a little sugar and lots of real, direct SUNLIGHT. This September has been good pot growing weather here on the front range.

Lots of sunlight and water and some plant maintenance. Use a clean pair of scissors to cut off all the dead and dieing leaves. All yellow or brown leaves have to be removed or spiders will use them for habitat. Very bad. Also, those useless leaves are shade to the rest of the flower bud. Lots of growers go thru their plants during September and take off ALL the big outer leaves…all of them. This is lots of work, so take your time and do a good, complete job. As you do this inspect your plants, Is one of them keeling over? Try to gently prop it back up-right. You might have to tie it up to a support pole. Look for that dreaded scourge: powdery mildew. You’ll have to cut off any parts of the pot plant that has P.M. and throw it out. Do so with out touching any of your other plants with it, so you are not spreading it to a healthy plant. Do not put it in your compost pile, shit-can it. Change your clothes. Wash your hands. It spreads easily. If you’ve had strong winds, strong rains or hail in your neighborhood, you probably have plant damage. Either cut it off and process the flower buds or tape them back up on to the plant. That is, if you still have some skin attached  so it’ll get its life -juice from the plants’ roots.

Some folks have “early-girl” varieties that are ready now. Look at the pistils coming out of the buds. If they all are colorful (instead of milky white) then that bud is ready to come off the plant. If it’s not growing any new white pistils, then its not growing any more THC sugars, either. That bud is ready for harvest.

Harvest consists of clipping, trimming, drying and curing. I do a selective clipping. Only those parts of the plant that I think is ready to be harvested now is cut off. Usually this means whole twigs or maybe 1/2 a branch gets clipped off, letting the not-yet-ready parts to bask in the sunlight for several days more.

I’ve written about “the harvest” pretty throughly in my book “Growing Marijuana Outdoors in Colorado” and in these web articles. I still give my buds a loose, hairy farmers’ trim. I trim to the frost line. Corporate grow ops clip buds very tightly, or close to the bone, and that’s fine for them. They also have trim machines. I still use paper bags in which to dry the buds…they are dark, dry and they breath. The more twig you leave the buds on, the longer it’ll take to dry.

Altho this is an important and busy time of year, try to have fun. Put some music on. Smoke a big fat one, and enjoy yourself.


P.S. Life is short. RIP to my oldest friend, Derek S.   A good man who died too young.

Home- Stash Harvest Time info

First things first: We all need to let our local and state politicians hear our voices. We all need to tell the federal politicians what it is we want from them. Our federal politicians have to remove marijuana from the dangerous drug list. Why isn’t alcohol or tobacco on that list along with heroin? Tobacco is a poison…pot is not.We have to let our state and local politicians know that we want to grow our own home- stash of pot at home in our own backyards…in the plain air…out in the open using free sunlight. We need to let our city councils  know that we want to be able to grow at least 10 plants for each adult in the house. We do not want to be forced into going to a corporate dispensary…forced to buy their factory-grown pot and forced into paying such high taxes for our medicine. Colorado right now, has a quasi-legal marijuana situation that’s better than it used to be 15 years ago. But Colorado has a long way to go to make things right. Colorado politicians have to embrace this new marijuana experiment and stop trying to re-criminalize it by over-regulating it. The local politicians and city councils have to tell the Permit and Zoning boards to allow us home owners and citizens to grow our own pot in our own backyards using the sun. If we are forced into building grow rooms into our homes or garages…it is way too expensive and too complicated. Also, you’ll be a janitor then, not a farmer. Your indoor grow, with only 3 plants in bloom, will never pay for itself nor will you ever be satisfied. So, tell your favorite politician that if they want our vote, listen to us.

Okay, now I’ll get down off my soapbox. Your plants are hopefully probably in full- fledge bloom. This means that your girls are trying to get pregnant, to attract any male pollen that might be in the air. Marijuana females stop putting all their energies into growing plant structure and instead put all their energies into growing pistil and ovaries. These clear white “hairs” form up in dense clusters which become buds. Marijuana plants will grow sugars on and around these clumps of pistils…sticky pollen-catching hairs. Since we are growing sinsemilla, we do not want our girls to get pollinated. This will drive the girls into a frenzy. They will go into over- drive growing sugars. These sugars are full of THC and CBN, etc. This is what we have been waiting for since March or April. The two main factors that cause this over-drive are (a) the length of daylight (b) the fertilizer ratio (high P). The plants still need both (N) and (K) nitrogen and potash, but it’s the phosphorus (P) that kicks them into gear. Using a commercial fertilizer works fine… use a bloom booster not a vegetation blend. I’ve used powdered bone meal on the girls by putting two teaspoons of bone meal powder around the outside circumference of the container. Sorry about that last sentence. Put two spoons full of the powder around the stem of the plant, but not on the stem. Then water it in. Your girls need a lot of water at this point in their lives. Along with bone meal I’ll use a commercial bloom booster fertilizer at 1/2 dosage. I’ll use this “1/2” dose fertilizer mix every 4 or 5 days. Some of these gals use up to 3 gallons of water every day, too. All they really need is water, sunlight and privacy now.

I usually figure that the longer the plant grows, the more hi-quality buds I can coax out of it. I don’t like to cut entire plants down at harvest. However sometimes it is a weather issue. I like to trim off those outside buds that are really ready to be harvested. When the creamy white pistils turn tan or red and then wrinkle, at that point the bud has stopped being viable, meaning that is no longer growing pollen- catching sugars. As the farmer, you have to make a decision and be able to live with it. You can usually give those outside buds a couple of more days and nights to mature…but it really is up to the skill and experience of the farmer. When you do clip off a twig with a couple colorful buds…you are letting sunlight into the interior of that plant, which is a good thing because that allows those other, interior pistils/buds to get direct sunlight on them, so that they too, will plump up. Flower buds go thru a period of “plumping and swelling”. This is when you’ll get big dense buds. This being early September you’ll want your girls to simply keep on keeping on. Fresh air, lots of sunlight, low dosed of fertilizer, lots of water and they will be fine. I believe it is too early to think about a harvest. You’ll be cutting off any yellow or brown leaves, and cutting off any damaged leaves. You can add sugar to the plants’ water or use molasses. Your girls can  use the energy.

You’ll want to look ahead at the weather. At some point in time you’ll have to quit using any fertilizer on the girls, only fresh water. You’ll want this period (called the flush) to last from 14 days up to 20 days before you harvest. You’ll want to flush out all of the salts from the fertilizer before you harvest , cure and smoke your pot.

You have, maybe 3 weeks and maybe longer, perhaps 6 more weeks until you cross the finish line at harvest. And please, do not forget to vote for a pro-pot candidate.

Sensimilla Pot Grow: August, 2015

Pot Grow: August, 2015.

By now, your plants should be tall and bushy. Your males have probably already expressed themselves. Cut those males out of the pack as soon as you decide that it’s a male. We’re growing sensimilla here. Your girls should have their pollen-catching pistils beginning to grow and show. Once your plants have shown that they are girls, they have begun to bloom,or bud-up. You can kick them into bloom with a high P fertilizer. The days are truly getting shorter now. Pot plants will respond to the shorter days with the shorter light periods by sexing.

pot grow

So, no more veg fertilizer. No more high nitrogen or ammonia or blood meal. Pure water is always good for your pot grow. Keep them hydrated during these sunny Colorado summer days. N-P-K ratio fertilizers should be mostly phosphorus (P). You can use bone meal now.

I’ve used many brands of commercial fertilizers; Peters, Schultz, Miracle Grow, Scotts. They all work. Do read the directions on the fertilizer box. Give  your girls a 1/2 dose of Bloom Boost, twice as often as directed on the box. I’m hitting my tomatoes with this, (P) too.  These commercial fertilizers have a good ratio of  NPK… just read the directions and don’t over-do it.  Hopefully you’ll have a clean water flush for 20 days before harvest.

home pot grow

young girl

Every other week give each plant a 1/4 cup of raw sugar. Now is the time to kick your girls into full bloom, which leads to them budding-up. Keep  your plants in full sunlight all day long and keep them hidden. This is not an easy task, but now is a bad time for neighbors or rippers to see your crop.

Let your city council know that we need to be allowed to legally grow our own home stash out doors, out in the open, in our own fenced backyards.

Tell your city council and our State of Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division to quit over-regulating marijuana. Us civilians ought to grow our own pot…should not  have to go to a dispensary to purchase our (taxed) medicine. We are being over-regulated by this Colorado Division of Marijuana Enforcement. Colorado is going to kill the golden goose if they don’t stop over-regulating both the private citizens pot grow as well as the corporate grow operations. I wish that the fracking industry was as over-regulated as the pot industry currently is. Remember too that Tobacco is a POISON, but that pot is not.

We do not know how long this season will last or what is in store for us, weather wise. This has been an unusual season, so far. Now, finally, we have good growing weather. How long will it last? When will the next heavy wind-rain storm and or hail storm tear through your neighborhood? When will be the 1st couple of frosts? Last year I grew until November 8th. It was a struggle to save my crop from the several weather events last September and October.  However, last year was an unusually long growing season. This year…well…we have to figure on starting our crop- harvest by the middle of October.

So, kick those girls into bloom. Watch the weather reports every day. Figure out an “emergency plan B”. What are you going to cover your crop with when the weather sets in?   A 20 minute rain, wind, hail storm can damage your crop badly.

Growing your own home stash is not rocket science but it is a series of difficult challenges you’ll have to face. It’s not easy to start, grow and harvest an entire pot crop. If it was, everybody would be doing it.

My 2015 Marijuana Artical

Marijuana should be grown outside in  full sunlight. Pot has been grown outdoors for many thousands of years with only a few problems. When growing pot outdoors you grow your future stash outdoors, it does not blind your neighbors eyes or poison their children. Marijuana is a quasi-legal crop in Colorado and the strait folk need to grow up and shut up.

Since we can only grow 6 plants each adult, legally, you’ll find that you CANNOT possibly grow an economical crop at home, indoors.

Growing indoors is not easy, inexpensive or eco-friendly. Also, problems are blooming in the indoor grow factories in the form of bugs, mold and mildew. Although mites do not eat much they poop out toxic bad stuff. You do not want to ingest bug poop, or molds or powdery mildew…don’t eat or smoke it. This hasn’t happened to me because I Grow Outdoors. In the real wind, real rain and REAL SUNLIGHT.

Many Colorado Pot factories are having problems with mites, molds and mildew. If you smoke or eat a pot-bud that has powdery mildew on it, you will get very ill. It’ll clog up your lungs. P.M. will mes you up bad.

Growing pot outdoors my whole life, I have only very rarely had any problem with P.M. and you don’t have walls on which black mold will grow. But if and when you do find any white powdery mildew on a plant, it’ll be on, usually the lowest branch near the ground. Carefully take that entire branch off the plant at the stem. Get that out of you garden area right away, don’t spread it through out your garden. I’ve seen P.M. on the lilacs and on other front yard shrubs. I don’t brush up against them; I do not want it to get on my pants or let it spread to the garden area… the tomatoes or the pot. When  you see it any where, get it thrown out into a garbage can with a lid, and not into your compost pile.

Contrary to industry factory gospel, pot plants like temperature changes. Pot likes ever changing day lengths and pot likes/needs the actual real sunlight that our earth receives. The best and least expensive way to grow pot is to grow pot outdoors.

If  growing plants indoors  was such a good idea, why doesn’t R.J. Reynolds grow all of its’ tobacco inside a factory?  How come they are allowed to grow thousands of acres of their truly poisonous tobacco outdoors?  How come tobacco is subsidized by those southeastern states?  Tobacco should be a schedule 1 drug on the Federal Controlled Substances list, not marijuana. Marijuana really ought to be de-scheduled off that list altogether. Marijuana is closer to a caffeine. Tobacco is very similar to heroin. Deal with that, strait folk!

Tobacco directly kills thousands of people every month. So what gives? If you smoke pot…stop smoking tobacco also.Why are the up-tight strait folk still trying to demonize pot and pot users?  Why are so many city councils in Colorado trying to re-criminalize pot? Why do these elected officials refuse to allow their own constituents from growing inexpensive medicine for their own pain relief?

We need to keep voting. Out with old, in with the more enlightened.