pot crop

Now that it is legal to grow an inexpensive
pot crop in your own backyard, you ought to do it.

As an adult, I know that there is nothing wrong with getting high. Everyday, millions of adults do use marijuana in a mature and responsible way. There are numerous real medical reasons to use marijuana (that is a different book). This book is written for you folks who want to take matters into your own hands in a responsible manner. All of you who want to learn how to grow marijuana at home should read this book to learn the basic fundamental first steps  you’ll need to know to grow a small crop of seedless marijuana this season. I have included many photos that show you a plant’s development from germinated seedling to harvested dried buds. This is a non-technical, non-industrial guidebook, a realistic strategy, about how to grow marijuana in your own backyard. Take control of this part of your life. Take control of the medicines you put in your body. Read this book to learn what to do and when to do it.

You will know what is in your marijuana when you are the grower and when you do this by yourself you’ll gain an appreciation of the medical marijuana plant and feel good about yourself. There are plenty of good, technical books about how to grow pot. Most of those books describe an indoor growing strategy that stresses the convenience of having a cash crop of fresh buds every 110 days or so. They describe a labor intensive method of pot production that is very costly.

This book is written for you, the reader, in a plain English kinda way, about how to grow cannabis outdoors. In it I describe a common sense approach to marijuana cultivation. I have been involved in growing both large and small pot crops for 40 years. You do not need to be a botanist to grow a substantial amount of high-grade marijuana for yourself…enough to last all year.

Let’s keep marijuana production out of corporate hands by learning how to take care of ourselves. Politicians who work for the large agriculture corporations will want to wrest control of marijuana production and take the associated revenue. Undercut those efforts and do yourself a favor by learning how to grow your own. Also when you grow your own, you’ll be taking revenue away from those Mexican Drug Cartels.

As we insist that corporate America pay attention to and get involved in using hemp as a petroleum alternative…we will encounter even more push-back against marijuana. However, as a grower and as a cannabis user, you will come to understand that straight laced, corporate America is full of foo.

You can put a lot of time and effort into this gardening  project, or very little. Your comfort level will dictate if you put an hour per day into this, or if you can only spend 15 minutes a day.

The three questions  you must first ask yourself:

  1. Do I have sun-lit privacy?
  2. Seeds or Clones?
  3. Grow in containers or in the ground?

When you grow your own cannabis there is a sense of accomplishment that makes all the headaches and effort worth it. In this book I tell you how to grow a crop of buds this season. I lay out an easy, starter system you can use to grow pot, this year.

The main thing you must come to terms with first is your privacy. Spend a lot of time in thought on this issue. Your plants will need to be in full sunlight all day long and still be out of plain sight. Then buy my book and read it. You can get more intricate or sophisticated as the years go by, but begin at the beginning now and read “Growing Marijuana Outdoors in Colorado”.

If you give a man a bud, he smokes for a day.
Teach a man to grow, he smokes for life…


You can do this.

“Growing Marijuana Outdoors in Colorado”
Your cannabis growing guide from seed to cured bud.

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  1. Here is a statement from the one presidential candidate who actively supports the legalization of medical marijuana nationwide! “Consumer Reports believes that, for patients with advanced AIDS and terminal cancer, the apparent benefits some derive from smoking marijuana outweigh any substantiated or even suspected risks. In the same spirit the FDA uses to hasten the approval of cancer drugs, federal laws should be relaxed in favor of states’ rights to allow physicians to administer marijuana to their patients on a caring and compassionate basis.”You can read more and support her campaign on her site http://denisebedio.com/marijuana. Join us and together, we can create a true land of the free.

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