Almost Harvest Time

“Weak  and  Feckless”                                       Oct. 12th, 2016

This just in: the Indiana governor’s performance at last nights debate was Weak  and Feckless.   He lied constantly and would not, could not defend his blond haired buddy from serious charges.   Folks, a vote for any republikans is a wasted vote,  a vote against your own best interests.

Here in Colorado, repubs and conservatives are so mad about Pot becoming  “legal”  that they are floating Amendment #71, the “Raise  the  Bar”  amendment.   If #71 passes, it will be very difficult to ever get another amendment put on the ballot.  If this bad plan had been in place during the past 10 years  or so… we would not today have legal Medical pot or certainly we would not have Recreational pot in Colorado.   The standards that this #71 Raise  the  Bar amendment would put in place  would be nearly impossible to meet.        The bar doesn’t have to be raised, it is plenty difficult enough to get the petitions signed   as it is.   Just to get an idea put on the ballot to be voted on, you will have to go to EVERY county in Colorado and get at least 2 %  of those people to sign it.   I’ll say it again… under #71, we would not have gotten any kind of legal pot.   So please, do not vote in favor of the “Raise  the  Bar”, #71 amendment.

In a couple of years, we’ll need to further amend the Colorado Constitution to allow  us to grow our own HomeStash  outdoors in our own backyards next to the tomatoes, corn and peppers.  So far  we only have half a loaf.  But at least it is the big half.  We still need to be allowed to grow our own HomeStash outdoors.   And we have to allowed to smoke pot with our friends…somewhere.  When we finally are allowed to grow our own marijuana in our own backyards, in the Sunlight… then we will have completed our journey towards being truely free and legal in terms of our Medical Marijuana.  I think that we need to get these unhealthy pot grows out of our homes and into the sunny back yard.  We can grow most of our marijuana medicine at home.

Almost Harvest Time.

As for your currant pot garden, let ’em keep on growing. Your plants should be well into advanced budding.  Use only clean fresh water on your girls and leave them in the strong October Colorado sunlight.   You’ll be checking out the flower buds’  pistills.  As they die off they’ll be turning colors drying out and getting crinckly.  When the bud is no longer growing new white pistills, that bud or that branch-full of flower buds is just about ready to be clipped off that plant.  If there are no new pistills growing on the bud and the pistills are worn out and turning colors such as brown, red or orange, then that flower bud is no longer viable in terms of getting pregnant.   Clip it off the plant so as to let the rest of the plants’ flower buds grow.  Bring that bud into your trim area, trim it to your like-ing and put it into a paper bag to dry.   Dry it in a paper bag and later cure it in a glass jar.

The weather on our Front Range looks to be warm and sunny for the next week or more.   This is good pot-growing weather, here in Colorado.  Our pot plants can withstand a brief nite-time low temperature of 28 or 29 degrees if they are dry.   If it has been raining and the plants are wet… anything under 33 degrees is problematic.

So, let your outdoor HomeStash plants grow, plumping and swelling and getting frosty.

There are a lot of Amendments and Propositions to vote on this November.  Put out the effort  and read all the verbage on the ballot and try not to get tricked into voting  the wrong  way.   The weak and feckless repubs are (on this one issue)  strongly against pot.   The namby pamby Dems are only luke warm in favor of marijuana.  But we must get out the vote and keep on moving foreward.   No on #71.

Where is the Future?

A)   The State of Colorado is missing the boat with this semi, quasi-legal pot situation.

We Coloradoans voted twice to legalize pot in all of the counties in our state. Our elected officials were supposed to enable us to  legally grow, harvest and ingest pot. But what they’ve actually done is to only allow large corporate grow operations to operate. We, the Colorado citizens ought to be able to grow our own Home Stash of marijuana in our own backyards…outdoors in the sunlight. Also, we ought to be able to smoke pot somewhere! When this country over-turned the alcohol prohibition, it wasn’t this complicated or as over-regulated and micro-managed as this.

B)  De-fund the DEA.

The DEA just announced last week that it was leaving marijuana on the D.D. list as a category 1 dangerous drug along with heroin! Say what? That is utter nonsense. Marijuana should not be on that dangerous drug schedule at all. Alcohol and tobacco should be on that list, next to heroin.

So, we in Colorado have so much more work to do. We have to figure out who to vote for…for state, county representatives and especially for the various city councils. So far, the politicians in this state have chosen to clamp down on pot through over zealous regulations. These people do not believe in marijuana or the future of marijuana. Various city councils are trying to re-illegalize pot.  We cannot let these power hungry folks take us backward into the past.

Now I admit there have been some problems with this “legal pot experiment”,
a) difficult to get property insurance.
b) No Federally funded grants for marijuana research.
c) No banking services such as no company loans and difficulty with employer paychecks. Cannot deposit cash receipts.
d) It adversely affects doctors who prescribe our medical cards as well as at the VA.
e) Stocks? No help from Wall Street.
f) No ability to have patents and trademarks.

For one thing, as long as the Feds drag the DEA feet on de-listing pot, there are no banking services. Our Colorado dispensaries have trouble with getting loans;  also troubles with getting paychecks for their employees. This remains a CASH business and so some dispensaries have large amounts of CASH laying around. No checks or credit cards…only cash. No banks will take their deposits. Hmm, sounds dangerous. When will the future catch up to us. Dispensaries have to have cameras and armed security guards inside their doors. Even though that is a real turn off (for me), it has to be this way for now.

C) Safety

Two more problems: amateur BHO blasting and home electrical fires. Folks, if you are not a certified propane or butane pot extractor then don’t do it. Leave that good stuff for the big boys. These  Colorado grow ops have the correct stainless steel machinery to safely make all the dab materials you’ll ever want. Also, your home was not…is not wired to handle the heavy electrical usage that you’ll be paying for if you try to become an in-home green house. Lights, ballasts, fans, mister, CO2, heating and cooling apparatus require special, heavy duty up to date electrical wiring throughout the greenhouse you’ll be living in.  Also, just wait till the authorities find out that they can take your children away from you for having an unsafe living environment. Do you really want to try to eat and sleep in a greenhouse that has pesticides, fertilizers, wet soil, high humidity and ??… I’ve tried it…didn’t like it. Pot should be grown outdoors in the Colorado sunlight. Please don’t burn down your house trying to grow a small marijuana crop. It really is cheaper to go to a dispensary to buy your meds than it is to build a grow room in your basement or attic.

D)  Vote

If we can find pot-friendly candidates to vote for, say for your city council, then we can effect change.

My wife and I need to be allowed to grow our own inexpensive Home Stash, our twelve plants outside on our own property in the actual daylight. This way I can conduct genetic experiments on my meds as I grow a small crop of inexpensive Home Stash. When I want a change-up, I’ll go to Verde or Karmaceuticals and purchase some flower bud.  It doesn’t matter to me if my home grown stash isn’t 26% THC or if it is the latest flavor or strain.

In the near future, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico etc…will have laws that will allow those good folks to grow their own pot. Then there will be NO LEAKAGE of Colorado pot to other states. And you wise guys wont be able to make $$$ growing pot here and selling Colorado pot to persons in Iowa or Nebraska or Illinois. Depends on when those out of state folks decide to grow up and join the future.

E) By the way:

Why can’t we go to our favorite local dispensary to buy actual Jamaican pot? or pot from Nepal or Vietnam?? Why can’t Colorado grow ops sell Colorado grown pot to dispensaries in Illinois or Jamaica or in Hawaii? Colorado could have a wealthy future.

And lastly, where is the promotion of HEMP? This state ought to fund HEMP, big time. Canada is way ahead of Colorado as far as hemp production goes. So as far a hemp production and fabrication goes, Colorado is a decade behind the future. Hemp can be blended with cotton, rayon, bamboo…to make clothes. Hemp has 100s of uses. Hemp is the future, and Colorado is way behind in this agriculture area. The future should be NOW.

I guess the politicians enjoy the marijuana tax revenue, but they do not believe in pot. And so we will stay in this quasi, sort-of-legal marijuana situation for the near future. With one foot in the PAST, the people of Colorado have some decisions to make about the future.

I’ve gotta go smoke a joint and calm down.

My 2016 Rant

There certainly are a lot of issues at stake here in Colorado when it comes to marijuana. We smokers have a Fed-gripe and several state/county worries.

On a Federal level, marijuana ought to be taken OFF of the Dangerous Drugs Schedule. Tobacco and alcohol both are certainly  extremely dangerous drugs.  Miss-used pharmaceuticals are a BIG problem. Heroin, crack cocaine and speed each is a huge detrimental problem. But pot ought to be de-listed…not just down listed. Two things would happen…banks could do business with dispensaries causing fewer robberies and making payroll easier.  Also the Federal Government could finally fund the marijuana research that our society needs to know about, such as cancer remediation, help with PTSD, cure for epilepsy and on and on.

Now, as to our various City Councils perfidy. Folks, know who you are voting for.  Many of these women and men who actually run our communities are still very skeptical of everything marijuana. We all need to tell our representatives that we like our new-found ‘freedoms’ as well as what we don’t like.  Perhaps some of the large marijuana grow ops should do more community outreach.  Yes it has taken our various neighborhoods a long time to grow into an acceptance of such a large, new industry. To some folks it may look as tho the state has “gone to pot”. However more than there being a dispensary on every street corner, there might actually be two liquor stores on every street. Plus every restaurant sells booze and all the sporting events sell booze. We are encouraged to drink beer outside at our food fests in Denver.  But where are we allowed to smoke pot? As far as pot business’s flooding into our neighborhoods goes, the City Council has zoned and permitted the grow ops and dispensaries to be where they currently are. Parts of Denver did indeed look like a ghost town ten years ago. Now, I see very few empty store fronts and I never see empty factories or warehouses for lease.

As far as the smell goes…would you rather have another dog food factory in your neighborhood? Would you rather have the water treatment plant in your back yard or more Commerce City oil refineries? Hey, these places smell awful, but employ a lot of people; lets keep the jobs all here in the Denver Metro area. Let’s quit carping about things we cannot change.

And lastly, the many and various counties in Colorado need to allow us citizens to grow our own home stash outside. Instead of forcing us to go to a Dispensary to buy our medicine and pay exorbitant taxes on it…we need to be allowed to grow our own home stash, at home, in our backyards in the SUNLIGHT. Don’t get horn-swaggled into trying to grow12 plants indoors. It’ll never pay for it self, it is not economical  and it is NOT GREEN. You want to see your electric bill go up…buy 2 or 3 indoor grow lights and leave them on for 14 or 15 hours everyday.  Plus, the electrical wiring in my house is over 50 years old and that kind of sustained over-usage could cause a fire.

Folks, marijuana is not a very difficult  plant to grow and smoke. Your children won’t go blind if they look at it growing in my backyard. Just keep your kids out of my (locked) backyard, please.

Over the next four to eight years, most of North America will legalize marijuana and then there won’t be any of this leakage of Colorado pot into Kansas or Nebraska. The good people of Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri can grow their own dyno weed. I know they know how.

I can legally walk into a tobacco shop and buy tobacco products grown all around this world. Shop owners  can legally buy tobacco from Jamaica, Egypt or Haiti or Honduras or Virginia and sell to their community in Illinois or New York or Washington D.C.  Why can’t I buy some Humbolt County grown pot here in Denver?

We have a long way to go with this currant quasi-legal marijuana experiment in terms of adjusting the laws, rules and regulations…a long way to go. Our City Council’s elected officials need to embrace what we have’ need to promote hemp production and to allow us to grow our own specific kinds of pot for our own home use.  We have the opportunity to VOTE in early November this year.  As a unified, informed voting block we can cause change.