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Growing Marijuana Outdoors in Colorado

Growing marijuana outdoors in Colorado

This book is about growing marijuana outdoors, particularly on the Front Range of Colorado. In it, I detail how I have grown pot here in the Denver Metro area and describe to you how to do this. A simple back yard garden is inexpensive and fun. You, the reader, will have to develop your own ideas about what works best for you over the next few years. When you read this book you will learn how to get started with your backyard grow operation and have a successful harvest, this season.

I have kept my eyes open for good quality marijuana seeds during the past 30 years, and will continue to do so. Many Medical Marijuana Dispensaries sell packets of various types of marijuana seeds. You and your friends will have to keep your eyes and ears open for any opportunities to acquire quality marijuana seeds. Also, many Denver dispensaries sell small rooted female clones. No matter what the specific genetics are, you can grow that plant to reach it’s full potential by using the methods that I am laying out for you. Over the coming years, you and I will be looking for more sophisticated methods of growing marijuana.

Over the years you (and I) will refine our understanding of our marijuana growing methods and strategies. This will mostly be about genetics and deciding what kind of medical marijuana you want for yourself. But you must learn proper growing methods first. Try to understand the overall basic strategy. It’s fun and you’ll save more and more money over the years.

Growers have been hybridizing plants and crossing marijuana species for four or five decades that I know of. People have been crossing the two kinds of plants looking for the best, most positive traits from each. Often these hybrids sugar up faster than a purebred. I do like pure land-race strains of marijuana. However, I have come to appreciate the hybrid types of marijuana for their aroma and taste, and for their medicinal qualities. I believe that you will too.

Most of the types of cannabis for sale in Denver’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are various crosses between a sativa and an indica. It is very rare anymore to find a pure strain of real, old time Central American sativa or of Afghan indica. You can get hybrid plants, clones perhaps at any Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensary…if you have your ‘Red Card’ medical marijuana license.

Let’s take the money out of the hands of the crooks/politicians and VOTE TO LEGALIZE cultivation and use by adults. If the government wants to try to make a plant ‘illegal’, make it poison ivy, not pot.

You will find that marijuana plants are living solar collectors that turn sunlight into trichome resins via a chemical reaction. Humans have much to learn from marijuana about this sunlight to energy conversion process. I strongly believe that every College Agriculture Department should be doing cross breeding tests to teach students about genetics. This is a wonderful plant. School biology, botany and horticulture departments should be using marijuana as a 2 semester research study project.

The practical uses for marijuana are many. The fiber is used for rope, clothing, fabrics and paper. The THC Sugars are used in medicinal treatments, available in smokable, edible, potable and topical varieties. Hemp seed oil can replace petroleum for our cars.

Cannabis is in the medicinal category and should not be lumped in with hard drugs and alchol. Alcohol, opiates and prescription drugs are the bulk of this society’s “drug abuse problems”.

When you put your feet on the ground and get your hands dirty, you’ll have much better appreciation of the plants you grow, whether it’s tomatoes or marijuana.

You can do this

Now that it is legal to grow an inexpensive pot-crop in your own backyard, you ought to do it.


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