Cured in Glass Jars

Curing Buds in Glass Jars

I think that I did not stress this enough in my book. As your erb sits in a glass storage jar…it cures…it gets better…it takes on it’s true potential. After the freshly manicured buds are dried (in the paper lunch or grocery bags), I put them into glass storage jars. Every day or two (during the 1st two weeks), I burp the jars. This means that I open the jars, reach in the jar to make sure that the buds are, indeed, dry.  Make sure that the buds don’t clump up. When the jar lids are opened, the chlorophyll is driven out. Curing buds in glass jars is really the way to go. The taste improves as the first few weeks go by. 

By the end of November your erb will be nearing it’s full potential in terms of smell, taste and high. When kept in glass jars, your buds will last very nicely for a couple of years. You’ll be medicating with a product that you grew…with NO pesticides. You did all this yourself. Next year your erb garden will be even better because you are accumulating knowledge and experience.

You can do this.

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