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Growing marijuana outdoors in Colorado

“Growing Marijuana Outdoors in Colorado”

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vote, Vote, VOTE

September 25th, 2017

I can teach you how to grow a nice pot-crop…outdoors in the sunlight in your own backyard.  But you and I have to learn to protect our currant ‘grey area’ freedoms  from being  taken away.   We need to VOTE in every election for people who will further the cause.   There are plenty politicians  on the Federal level  and  (unfortunately)  many  state of Colorado  pols  who DO NOT want us to be free to smoke our own pot.  There are several  local City Council  members  who are  annoyed  that we enjoy smoking pot.   New pot regulations  come at us every other month.  These strangling, unnecessary regulations  hurt the pot-grow industry as well as us consumers.   We have to VOTE to keep our Colorado  rights.  We have to VOTE to gain back the necessary rights to grow our own Home Stash outdoors.   Vote the bums out and  vote in the ‘good people’ in  who wont impede pot progress.   And how ’bout Hemp???

As more states vote for LEGAL  POT,  the notion that all of the pot that us home gardeners  grow  will go out of state will certainly  become null and void.  The good people of Iowa can grow their own (really good)  pot.   We need to  regulate oil and gas drilling operations more and regulate the Marijuana Industry less.   Certainly, the Colorado pols ought to obey the will-of-the-people  and allow us all to grow our own Home Stash safely out doors in the free and natural sunlight.

Here is the Yin and Yang of this.  We cannot sell our Colorado grown pot out of state.   We cannot  be driving  while drunk or stoned.   We cannot allow our children  to go into the neighbors’  back yards  to pillage their crops.

Oh yes…let your girls get fully mature before you think of harvesting them.   A lot of plumping and swelling will occur during the sunny days yet to come.

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