64 Passed

All Right!  Amendment 64 Passed

It’s about time.
The good people of the state of Colorado have spoken.
You can now grow 6 marijuana plants in your backyard.

It has to be fenced so that the plants are out of plain view.
You’ll need a fenced yard with locks on the gates.
Now you can feel comfortable about growing at your house.

Amendment 64 passed. This could be your backyard

This could be your backyard

Now that it is legal to grow an inexpensive pot crop
in your own backyard, you ought to do it.

Take control of this part of your life.
Take control of the medicines you put in your body.
Read this book to learn what to do and when to do it.

You will know what is in your marijuana when you are the grower. When you do this by yourself you’ll gain an appreciation of the medical marijuana plant and feel good about yourself. When you grow your own cannabis there is a sense of accomplishment that makes all the headaches and effort worth it. Also when you grow your own, you’ll be taking revenue away from the Mexican drug cartel.

Read my book, “Growing Marijuana Outdoors in Colorado” and buy a few copies to give to friends and family.

You can do this


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